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You may think that simple activities like sitting, standing and walking are so basic that everyone knows how to do them. While that’s true — you learn to do these things by the time you’re two — you sometimes forget how to do them right. Over time, bad habits can lead to poor posture. For example:

  • If you sit at a desk all day, you may develop a slouching habit.
  • If you carry a heavy backpack slung over one shoulder, you may lean to one side.
  • If you lift boxes all day, you may develop a tilted pelvis or an abnormally curved spine.

Even if you’re an otherwise healthy person, you may still end up with poor posture after years of neglect. Unless you’re conscious of how you sit, stand, lie and walk, you can gradually pick up unhealthy habits that contribute to bad posture.

The Dangers of Poor Posture

If you hold yourself improperly, your posture can contribute to illness and disease. Sitting, standing, lying and walking the wrong way puts extra pressure on your spine and muscular-skeletal system. Over time, even if you don’t feel any pain, you can be injuring yourself.

One day, you might wake up with a stiff neck. Then the back pain starts. Then you notice you’re not as flexible as you used to be. The illnesses and pain that eventually “appear” can be devastating:

Before It’s Too Late

At our NYC facility you can get spinal postural training to relearn the proper way to sit, stand, lie and walk. A pain management specialist can help you when you come in complaining of back or neck pain. If your posture is bad enough, your doctor may recommend a special back brace along with the education and training. Addressing your posture sometimes eliminates your pain.

If you’re feeling neck pain or back pain consider visiting Stanford Pain & Sports Medicine of NYC soon. After a consultation, during which you share details about your pain, your doctor may do a physical exam and run some tests to reach a diagnosis. A serious ailment requires immediate treatment, but even posture-related illnesses need to be caught early.

Good Posture for Good Health

By holding yourself correctly, you can keep yourself healthy. Your muscles stay relaxed instead of being stressed all the time. Your spine rests comfortably in perfect alignment instead of trying to compensate for an unnatural stance or gait. Your body saves energy until it’s needed, rather than using it up to keep muscles clenched and tendons tight.

Prevent future back pain and illness by taking care of your posture. A proper posture addresses your current pain, too. Your NYC pain management specialist can provide spinal postural training to help you correct your bad habits. It’s training for your back and encouragement for your health.

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