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Spinal mobilization treatments are offered by the specialist doctors of Manhattan Pain and Sports Associates. Spinal mobilization a passive manipulation of your spine, but don’t confuse it with a chiropractic treatment. Its medical goals are similar, however: to get you out of pain and back to your normal life. Primarily used for neck pain and back pain, spinal mobilization works gently to loosen and relax the muscles along your spine and realign the bones in your spine.

In NYC, your pain management specialist may recommend spinal mobilization when you’re experiencing mechanical symptoms (as opposed to medical symptoms) such as:

  • Muscle tightness in your back
  • Pain in your lower back to your neck
  • Limited range of motion in your neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hips or back

Mobilizing Your Spine

During spinal mobilization, your NYC pain management doctor or a physical therapist stretches your spine, one vertebra at a time, to gently massage and pull apart the tight muscles that are causing pain and stiffness. It’s a slow process because it’s meant to relax your muscles, not traumatize them. The practice progresses through an organized system of stretches to induce your vertebrae to open up.

Stretching out the muscles surrounding your spine creates breathing room between your vertebrae, which takes the pressure off your discs as it lengthens your spine. As a result, your nerve roots — the nerves that exit your spinal column — have more space. When your nerve roots are squeezed, they can cause severe pain. Adding length to your spine quiets that pain.

Benefits and Results

In the process of spinal mobilization, your doctor or physical therapist actually can move your vertebrae a little if they’ve rotated out of position. You won’t hear any popping or cracking, since this practice is much gentler than chiropractic services. This mild technique can unlock joints and increase your range of motion.

A study by the National Institutes of Health found that spinal mobilization provides positive short-term benefits. Spinal mobilization can reduce back pain and increase flexibility. Since this technique is non-invasive, you can have it done as frequently as you need it with no side effects — as long as a knowledgeable pain management specialist performs the procedure.

How Spinal Mobilization Works

In Manhattan, your pain management doctor uses his hands to deliver a set of low-pressure movements on your spine as you lie on your stomach. The repetitive rotations relax your back muscles and stretch your spine. It’s very calming and certainly non-invasive.

Manually feeling your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons — making sure they’re lined up properly — can relieve your back pain all by itself if your pain was caused by compression. When a problem point in your spine gets realigned and stretched out, you may feel immediate relief or you may not realize it until you stand back up after your session.

Spinal mobilization can work in conjunction with physical therapy. In fact, it’s often a good first step on your road to rehabilitation. Once your spine has been through this process, you’re ready to start the harder work of physical therapy.

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