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At Manhattan Pain and Sports Associates you’ll get the sports pain diagnosis, pain, management and doctor’s care you need to reduce or eliminate your pain. Because when you’re in pain — from a sports injury — you want relief quickly. Appropriate and targeted sports management and pain treatment starts with a proper diagnosis from your NYC sports pain management specialist.

Healthy people in NYC include some form of exercise regimen into their weekly routines. Along with eating right, exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles and bones. Playing sports — socially or competitively — can be a fun way to supplement your exercise. Playing sports, however, increases your risk of injury.

While you can get hurt when exercising at the gym or jogging along a path, playing sports generally puts more stress on your body. Whether you’re swinging a racket, bat or club, the swing itself puts pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Bursts of speed, quick changes of direction and sudden stops stress your ankles, knees and hips.

Common Sports Injuries

If you get hurt, don’t try to “play through it.” You could cause more damage. Stop, pull yourself from the game, and visit a pain management specialist in Manhattan. Here are some of the more common sports injuries:

Avoiding Sports Injuries

Some injuries occur by accident. For example, maybe you ran into someone or someone ran into you. Perhaps you got knocked down or stepped on, landed wrong on your foot or twisted an ankle. Injuries can happen when you’re focused on competing. But you can minimize the chances of an injury by taking sensible precautions:

  • Warm up. Make sure you stretch and loosen up your muscles before jumping into the game. When your muscles are loose, you not only reduce the chance of injury, but you also play better.
  • Prepare by training properly. No one runs a marathon without training. Even if you’re a weekend warrior, exercise during the week to build up for the big game.
  • Wear appropriate gear. While helmets are important in some sports, don’t overlook appropriate footwear and perhaps kneepads for other sports. Give your feet the protection they need, and you’ll also improve your game.
  • Cool down. After the game’s over, do a little more stretching before you head off with the group for those 12-ounce curls. Get all the kinks out with some sustained stretches.

If You’re Injured…

The doctor’s of Manhattan Pain and Sports Associates of NYC are sporting injury specialists. Pain management specialists can accurately diagnose what’s causing your pain. They have the latest medical technology available for pinpointing the source of the pain, and they have access to the latest medical research to treat you.

Get the medical attention you need when you’ve suffered a sports injury. Get the personal attention you want when you visit a doctor. Get the treatment you need to get back onto the court, the field or the diamond.

Get the Sport’s Injury Pain Relief You Need From Your Sports Pain Injury

Your NYC sports pain management doctor’s goal is to get you back to your normal routine and back in the game quickly with minimal downtime. After your sports injury diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor begins your sports pain management and treatment plan with the most conservative pain relief treatment. You’ll always receive non-invasive pain relief before your doctor turns to more invasive procedures like surgery.

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