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At Stanford Pain and Sports Medicine of NYC you’ll receive the Achilles tendinitis pain management, diagnosis, and the doctor’s care you need to reduce or eliminate your Achilles tendinitis pain. Because when you’re in pain — whether it’s from an accident, age, sporting injury, or ailment — you want relief quickly. Appropriate and targeted Achilles tendinitis pain management and treatment starts with a proper diagnosis from your NYC Achilles tendinitis pain management specialist.

Achilles Tendinitis

The tight band of soft tissue on the back of your ankle is called the Achilles tendon. It’s named after the warrior from Greek mythology whose mother dipped him in magic waters every night to make him invulnerable to their enemies. Unfortunately, she was holding him by the back of his ankles when she dunked him and so that part of his body never touched the powerful magic.

His one weakness then was the tendon that connects the heel to the calf. The tendon bearing his name refers to a powerful person’s weakness. When you develop Achilles tendinitis, you understand the vulnerability it creates when it becomes so painful that you can barely walk.

Painful and Vulnerable

Achilles tendinitis usually happens to NYC runners who suddenly increase the intensity of their running. It also is common among middle-aged athletes who have been bearing down on that tender part of their body for so many years that it finally just gives out or flares up.

Achilles tendinitis can be painful to the touch. And if it’s not treated properly by an experienced pain management doctor, the tendon weakens so that it becomes easily vulnerable to a rupture that is extremely painful and can only be fixed with surgery.

It Starts Out Slowly

Achilles tendinitis starts out slowly — feeling like a dull ache that runs up the back of your leg. You may notice tenderness and mild swelling on the back of your ankle. The pain is most acute after running or walking long distances. As the condition worsens, even short walks and stair climbing become almost unbearable.

You begin to feel the pain after you’ve been sitting for a long time or when you wake up in the morning. Stretching it out may help for a while.

Achielles Tebdinitis Treatment Options

The sports medicine doctors’ of Stanford Pain & Sports Medicine of NYC may start you out on mild anti-inflammatories and move to stronger narcotic pain relievers while you adjust to the condition.

You’ll be introduced to an array of stretching exercises and physical therapy techniques aimed at loosening up the tendon before you exercise. You may have to give up running or at least reduce the time you spend at it. Orthotics or shoes with a hard sole, slightly elevated, can relieve the stretching that your Achilles tendon undergoes with every step you take. Surgery is the only sure way to fix it.

Prevention Is the Key

Men are more prone to Achilles tendinitis, but it does strike women too, especially as they age. There are steps you can take to minimize the level of pain and hopefully keep the tendon intact. Consider:

  • Doing exercises that strengthen your calves to bear the brunt of your movements
  • Pacing yourself; start each new activity slowly and gradually build momentum
  • Wearing shoes that have a lift at the heel and a minimum amount of cushioning
  • Switching to low-impact exercises and sports such as swimming or cycling
  • Stretching regularly both before and after you work out

Get the Pain Relief You Need For Your Achilles Tendinitis

Your NYC Achilles tendinitis pain management doctor’s goal is to get you back to your normal routine with minimal downtime. After your Achilles tendinitis diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor begins your pain management and treatment plan with the most conservative pain relief treatment. You’ll always receive non-invasive pain relief before your doctor turns to more invasive procedures like surgery.

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