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At Manhattan Pain and Sports Associates we know how agonizing and debilitating back pain can be. That's why our doctors and staff have one goal - getting you out of pain and back to doing the things you enjoy as quickly and safely as possible.  Our board-certified physicians special-

ize in treating back pain and will listen closely, diagnose your condition, and thoughtfully create an individualized plan for you which may include medications, physical therapy, and minimally invasive procedures.  And our attentive staff is here to make sure all this happens without a hitch.

51 E. 25th St, 4th Floor, Ste B New York, NY 10010

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Here's what some of our patients say about us:

Great service fast. I had debilitating back pain. They got me in the same day I called. I had an MRI the following day, and started physical therapy. Within a week my back was 80% better. Now I'm 100%. The facility is great and the service couldn't have been friendlier. 

- Bryan 

Had a great, great experience here. The doctors were very thorough in evaluating me and the facilities are as beautiful and as modern as could be.

- D.A.

The doctor was very helpful. He was very well trained and you could tell he know what he was talking about. I hate going to doctor but this visit went about as well as I could hope for.

- Sobha

I have a slipped disc and had terrible pain in my back last week. The doctor was thorough in explaining my options and gave me amazing care. I'm already feeling much, much better. Very friendly staff, and the facilities are brand new. 

- Dave

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